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Thats right, your not seeing things.  Many other companies "FREE" point of sale systems can end up costing you as much as tweny-thousand dollars over 5 years!!!

And many other companies contracts are for 5 years, not 3 years like FreeTouchPOS. 


You can google the name of any other Free POS provider on google's search page to see a complete listing of competing Free POS providers benefits, issues, and complaints. We encourage anyone looking to get a Free POS system to do such research in advance of any purchase decision.  If you have had a sales representative from any other company offering you a Free POS system, check out and read their contracts cover to cover, their fees if any, their credit card processing rates etc.. very carefully. Then compare that to FreeTouchPOS.

FreeTouchPOS is the better FREE Point of Sale system. No hidden fees, no scams, just a great Point of Sale system you can rely on from a company you can rely on.  FreeTouchPOS recommends that you carefully read all contracts from other companies offering Free POS systems cover to cover. Do not be swayed by over zealous independent sales reps who promise the world but deliver far less, or, forget to mention many fees that are included in their contracts when they have you sign on the dotted line

Let's compare FreeTouchPOS to other "Free" POS systems
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